$217 Good Directions Manchester Louvered Cupola with Pure Copper Roof Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Décor $217,/mannitose1595190.html,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Décor,newageandco.com,Roof,with,Directions,Louvered,Copper,Cupola,Pure,Good,Manchester Good Directions Manchester Louvered Cupola Copper with Pure 67% OFF of fixed price Roof $217,/mannitose1595190.html,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Décor,newageandco.com,Roof,with,Directions,Louvered,Copper,Cupola,Pure,Good,Manchester Good Directions Manchester Louvered Cupola Copper with Pure 67% OFF of fixed price Roof $217 Good Directions Manchester Louvered Cupola with Pure Copper Roof Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Décor

Good Directions Manchester Louvered Cupola Copper with Pure 67% OFF of fixed Cash special price price Roof

Good Directions Manchester Louvered Cupola with Pure Copper Roof


Good Directions Manchester Louvered Cupola with Pure Copper Roof

Product description

Size Name:18" square x 22" high

Product Description

For over 35 years, Good Directions cupolas have been the perfect complement to your home, garage, shed, barn, gazebo, pool house, carriage house, horse barn, or pavilion. Our expertly crafted, made to order, Manchester louvered cupola features roof molding and reinforced interior supports for added strength. It's made to order in the USA from premium–grade cypress for a lifetime of enjoyment. Wood cupolas should be painted or stained. The Manchester features a 16–ounce, 24 gauge copper, hip style roof that adds an architectural element of beauty and lasting value to your home. Our cupolas arrive in 3 sections for easy installation, includes assembly hardware and easy–to–follow detailed installation instructions, and are weathervane ready with a built–in internal mounting bracket. YouTube videos are also available to walk you through the installation step by step. For a distinctive finishing touch to your home, add a Good Directions weathervane or finial.

From the Manufacturer

Good directions wood Manchester cupola. This louvered cupola features a hip style copper roof and smooth base. Our classic line of cupolas combine old-world craftsmanship with durable modern construction techniques. Our wood cupolas are made from hand-selected northern white pine and are beautifully designed with a natural, untreated wood finish. Whether used decoratively or functionally, wood cupolas are the crowning complement to any home or outdoor structure. They are built to last with the copper aging gracefully with a rich patina over time. 2118m, 18-Inch square by 22-Inch high.

Good Directions Manchester Louvered Cupola with Pure Copper Roof

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