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Pool Mate 1-2257 25 Pounds Swimming Increaser Alkalinity Max Max 83% OFF 58% OFF 2

Pool Mate 1-2257 25 Pounds Swimming Pool Alkalinity Increaser, 2


Pool Mate 1-2257 25 Pounds Swimming Pool Alkalinity Increaser, 2

Product description

Size:25-Pounds (Bucket)

Pool Mate Total Alkalinity Control is used when pH levels fluctuate widely over a short period of time. A low total alkaline reading is indicative of a blue or green cast to the water and difficulty in holding chlorine residuals. Low alkalinity can cause equipment and plaster damage. If the alkalinity is too low or too high, the pH of the pool water will be difficult to maintain in the proper range. This product raises the total alkalinity in swimming pool water. It boosts the effectiveness of your pool water disinfectant, as well as aids in the prevention of scale formation and the etching of pool surfaces. It helps maintain your pool’s pH level and eliminates pH “bounce”. Easy to use and dissolves quickly. Test for total alkalinity with a reliable test kit. The desired range for total alkalinity is as follows: Fiberglass Pools 70-100 ppm. Marcite, Painted, Tile, or Exposed Aggregate Pools 80-120 ppm. Vinyl Pools 120-140 ppm . If the total alkalinity is less than this desired range, add this product directly to the pool water while the pump is in operation, in accordance with the guide below. For 5,000 gallon pool, to increase by 10ppm add 11.2 oz, to increase by 20ppm add 1.4 lb, to increase by 30ppm add 2.1 lb, to increase by 40ppm add 2.8 lb, to increase by 60ppm add 4.2 lb, to increase by 80ppm add 5.6 lb, to increase by 100ppm add 7 lb. For 10,000 gallon pool, to increase by 10ppm add 1.4 lb., to increase by 20ppm add 2.8 lb, to increase by 30ppm add 4.2 lb, to increase by 40ppm add 5.6 lb, to increase by 60ppm add 8.4 lb, to increase by 80ppm add 11.2 lb, to increase by 100ppm add 14 lb. For 20,000 gallon pool, to increase by 10ppm add 2.8 lb., to increase by 20ppm add 5.6 lb, to increase by 30ppm add 8.4 lb, to increase by 40ppm add 11.2 lb, to increase by 60ppm add 16.8 lb, to increase by 80ppm add 22.4 lb, to increase by 100ppm add 28 lb.

Pool Mate 1-2257 25 Pounds Swimming Pool Alkalinity Increaser, 2

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