$10 Southern Homewares Photo Coasters Set of 4 Wooden Rack Personali Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $10 Southern Homewares Photo Coasters Set of 4 Wooden Rack Personali Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Southern Homewares Photo Coasters quality assurance Set Rack of Personali 4 Wooden Southern Homewares Photo Coasters quality assurance Set Rack of Personali 4 Wooden of,4,/incorrectly1089478.html,Homewares,newageandco.com,Personali,Photo,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,$10,Wooden,Southern,Coasters,Rack,Set of,4,/incorrectly1089478.html,Homewares,newageandco.com,Personali,Photo,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,$10,Wooden,Southern,Coasters,Rack,Set

Southern Homewares Photo Coasters All items in the store quality assurance Set Rack of Personali 4 Wooden

Southern Homewares Photo Coasters Set of 4 Wooden Rack Personali


Southern Homewares Photo Coasters Set of 4 Wooden Rack Personali

Product description

Keep your most treasured memories close at hand with this set of four elegant glass photo coasters from Southern Homewares! It’s never been easier to savor the good times. We’ve went ahead and included a wooden rack that keeps everything together. That, along with gift-worthy packaging makes this a fun set you can give as an easily-customizable present! You get a personalized photo gift that grows with you! Just change the photos over the years to keep your guests and relatives up to speed! A great way to make memories, and a great way to savor them too. Customizable coasters add a touch of personal joy to your living and dining rooms, in a snap! Perfect for themed birthday, Christmas, Halloween, or any other parties as well! Each set is equipped with non-skid pads to keep your tabletops safe, and accommodates up to a 2” x 3” photo, Each coaster measures 4.29" x 3.92" x 0.23". Includes four glass coasters. Rack measures 4.80" x 2.12" x 2.67". Rack is made of wood and is black in color.

From the manufacturer

Southern Homewares SH-10192 Glass Photo Frame Picture Coasters Circle with Wood Storage Rack Southern Homewares Magic Floating Chain Wine Glass Stemware Rack amp; Bottle Holder Set Chrome Stand Southern Homewares SH-10212-S2-2PK Double Wall Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glass W/ Lids Southern Homewares SH-10193-S2 Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glass 18oz Set of 2, Silver Southern Homewares 16oz Authentic Heritage Blue Ball Mason Jar Reusable Acrylic Straw
Southern Homewares Glass Photo Frame Picture Coasters Circle with Wood Storage Southern Homewares Magic Floating Chain Wine Glass Stemware Rack Southern Homewares Double Wall Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glass W/ Lids Southern Homewares Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glass 18oz Set of 2 Southern Homewares 16oz Authentic Heritage Blue Ball Mason Jar Reusable Acrylic
What is it? Southern Homewares' glass photo Coaster set is sure to add a personal touch to any home decor. This set includes four round glass coasters, each featuring a 1.75 inch x 1.75 inch display. The magic chain wine bottle holder/ stemware rack are gravity defying eye catchers and a great way to show off your wine fare. Southern Homewares presents a modern take on an classic design with our double walled stemless stainless steel wineglass. Southern Homewares presents a modern take on an classic design with our stemless stainless steel wineglass. Our redneck sipper is an authentic Ball Mason jar with the metal Ball lid and sturdy reusable acrylic straw.
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Southern Homewares Photo Coasters Set of 4 Wooden Rack Personali

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