,Protector,Screen,Compatible,Premium,wit,/impignorate1460672.html,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,Eco-Fused,Glass,Tempered,$3 Eco-Fused Award-winning store Premium Tempered Glass Screen wit Protector Compatible,Protector,Screen,Compatible,Premium,wit,/impignorate1460672.html,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,Eco-Fused,Glass,Tempered,$3 $3 Eco-Fused Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector Compatible wit Cell Phones Accessories Accessories $3 Eco-Fused Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector Compatible wit Cell Phones Accessories Accessories Eco-Fused Award-winning store Premium Tempered Glass Screen wit Protector Compatible

Eco-Fused Award-winning store Premium New life Tempered Glass Screen wit Protector Compatible

Eco-Fused Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector Compatible wit


Eco-Fused Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector Compatible wit

Product description

Color:1 pack

Full and Complete Protection For Your Samsung Galaxy Screen

Do you want to protect your S5 Mini touchscreen while maintaining perfect functionality?

The ECO-FUSED tempered glass screen protector will absorb potentially disastrous impacts, drops, and scratches so that your precious smartphone screen remains like new.

The strong, Japanese made, tempered glass is only 0.4mm thick. So, whilst it provides your device with the protection it needs, it also maintains the clarity and functionality of your touchscreen – as if it if was not there at all! Better still, the oleophobic coating resists oils and will keep your display fingerprint free.

Installation of the protector is much easier than with traditional screen protectors. The increased thickness makes it much easier to place and align with your phone, which reduces the risk of trapping bubbles beneath it. The precision cut, rounded edges will integrate perfectly with the shape of your device and preserve its sleek appearance.

One Year Money Back Guarantee - We Value Your Satisfaction

Click Add To Cart at the top of the page to get yours!


1 x Tempered Glass Screen Protector
1 x ECO-FUSED Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Compatible with: Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

If for any reason you are unhappy with any product by ECO-FUSED, please do not hesitate to contact us. We take full ownership and responsibility for the quality of our products and will do our very best to solve your problem quickly and efficiently! ECO-FUSED -USPTO# 85557072- is a registered trademark protected by US Trademark Law. ECO-FUSED products are sold by authorized sellers only.

Eco-Fused Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector Compatible wit

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