Georgia mens Gr274 Giant Romeo Work Cash special price Soggy Shoe-m B Boot $53 Georgia mens Gr274 Giant Romeo Shoe-m Georgia Work Boot, Soggy B Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men $53 Georgia mens Gr274 Giant Romeo Shoe-m Georgia Work Boot, Soggy B Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Georgia,Boot,,,$53,Romeo,Soggy,/hyperadrenalemia1547265.html,Georgia,Giant,Work,Gr274,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,mens,B,Shoe-m Georgia,Boot,,,$53,Romeo,Soggy,/hyperadrenalemia1547265.html,Georgia,Giant,Work,Gr274,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,mens,B,Shoe-m Georgia mens Gr274 Giant Romeo Work Cash special price Soggy Shoe-m B Boot

Georgia mens Gr274 Giant Romeo Work Cash special price Soggy Shoe-m B 2021 Boot

Georgia mens Gr274 Giant Romeo Shoe-m Georgia Work Boot, Soggy B


Georgia mens Gr274 Giant Romeo Shoe-m Georgia Work Boot, Soggy B

Product description

If you're looking for comfortable, slip-on shoes to wear to work, then these Georgia giant Romeo work shoes may be just what you are seeking. The upper on the Georgia giant Romeo is resilient full-grain leather. The shoes have two small panels that are made up of nylon fabric (on the left and right side of your foot). They expand to let you get these shoes on and off easily. These work shoes has goodyear® welt construction for strength and durability. As time passes, the shoes will make an impression of the shape of your feet, and these will quickly become your favorite shoes to wear. Polyurethane materials help make these Georgia giant Romeo lightweight, which is great for work. The cushioned insole and comfortable eva midsole take stress and strain off of your feet. A high-performance lining keeps you cool and comfortable, even during high activity. The steel shank in the Georgia giant Romeo work shoes gives you a stable platform, which makes it more comfortable to stand for an extensive period of time. The wedge shape design of outsole provides your feet with arch support.

Every item - right down to the last hard-working detail - can be traced back to 1937 when our passion for footwear was born. It started with a tough farm boot and a simple belief that boots should work as hard as the people wearing them.Thousands of styles and refinements later, Georgia Boot continues to do whatever it takes to give workers, farmers and hunters exactly what their feet are asking for. For every harsh condition on the job or in the field, there's a design from Georgia Boot to provide comfort and protection. Whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you need to go. Look for multiple comfort features from Georgia Boot.

From the manufacturer

Georgia mens Gr274 Giant Romeo Shoe-m Georgia Work Boot, Soggy B


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