Lilyshome,with,Wall,Clock,Faux-Slate,or,Outdoor,/hyperadrenalemia1089565.html,,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Décor,14-Inch,T,Indoor,$0 $0 Lilyshome 14-Inch Faux-Slate Indoor or Outdoor Wall Clock with T Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Décor Lilyshome 14-Inch Faux-Slate Indoor or Wall with Outdoor Low price Clock T Lilyshome,with,Wall,Clock,Faux-Slate,or,Outdoor,/hyperadrenalemia1089565.html,,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Décor,14-Inch,T,Indoor,$0 Lilyshome 14-Inch Faux-Slate Indoor or Wall with Outdoor Low price Clock T $0 Lilyshome 14-Inch Faux-Slate Indoor or Outdoor Wall Clock with T Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Décor

Lilyshome 14-Inch Faux-Slate 2021new shipping free shipping Indoor or Wall with Outdoor Low price Clock T

Lilyshome 14-Inch Faux-Slate Indoor or Outdoor Wall Clock with T


Lilyshome 14-Inch Faux-Slate Indoor or Outdoor Wall Clock with T

Product description


Our indoor / Outdoor 3 in 1 wall clock features built-in temperature and humidity gauges that allow you to check comfort conditions at a glance. Framed by a durable stone replica construction it resists the elements and makes this clock combination perfect for any room, patio or garden. Measure 13.5" and operated by 1 "AA" battery (not included). Easy mounting with an integrated hang hole in the back.

Lilyshome 14-Inch Faux-Slate Indoor or Outdoor Wall Clock with T


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On over 200,000 products

You can trust us to have low prices and same day despatch on a huge range of paint products.


Every single time

All our paint products are mixed by our expert team to exacting quality standards.


On all orders over £60+vat

We despatch all orders placed before 2pm for next day delivery across the UK mainland.


Always safe & secure

We offer a range of convenient payment options including credit / debit card, Paypal and Klarna.