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Animal Den Ladies Long Free shipping on posting reviews Popular product Sleeve Shirts S Wicking Athletic Moisture

Animal Den Ladies Long Sleeve Moisture Wicking Athletic Shirts S


Animal Den Ladies Long Sleeve Moisture Wicking Athletic Shirts S

Product description

Women's Long Sleeve Moisture Wicking Athletic Shirts in Sizes XS-4XL. Enjoy this great ladies athletic fit yet gently contoured silhouette shirt. Designed to have a snug fit, but not to snug or baggy. Made to be lightweight, roomy and highly breathable with moisture wicking fabric which helps to keep moisture away from your body. This shirt is soft, soft, soft and is great for exercising, yoga, every day ware or just lounging around. 3.8-ounce, 100% cationic polyester. Printed with Animal Den(tm) Logo Inside. Adult Sizes: XS-4XL. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Animal Den Ladies Long Sleeve Moisture Wicking Athletic Shirts S

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