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All Max 66% OFF Stainless Tuscan Grill Fireplace Mail order

All Stainless Tuscan Fireplace Grill


All Stainless Tuscan Fireplace Grill

Product description

The Tuscan Grill is hand-made from stainless steel for both frame and grill, and built to last. This is the ultimate addition to the home for the creative cooking in the family. Functional and versatile, this grill is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. Ideal for grilling right in your fireplace, backyard campfire or take it on the go to the beach, camping, ice fishing and tailgating. The grill has a 15" x 16" cooking surface, with convenient fold-up design and carrying handle. This will be your most enjoyable cooking tool. The grill base is 15 ½ in deep, 16 ¾ in wide, base handle extends 2 ½ in from the base. And the frame is 11 ½ in height. The grill handles can be screwed all the way in. If the handles screwed all the way in, the handle + grill is 21.5 in total. If the handle is all the way out like the picture, it is 24 in total. The wooden handle is 6 inches long.

All Stainless Tuscan Fireplace Grill

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