Sonora,Serving,Platter,,$159,White,13",/conformable1595006.html,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,,3.15,Kate,LB,,Knot,Spade,Oval Kate Spade Sonora Free shipping / New Knot 13" Oval 3.15 Platter LB Serving White $159 Kate Spade Sonora Knot 13" Oval Serving Platter, 3.15 LB, White Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Sonora,Serving,Platter,,$159,White,13",/conformable1595006.html,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,,3.15,Kate,LB,,Knot,Spade,Oval $159 Kate Spade Sonora Knot 13" Oval Serving Platter, 3.15 LB, White Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Kate Spade Sonora Free shipping / New Knot 13" Oval 3.15 Platter LB Serving White

Kate Spade Sonora Free shipping New Knot OFFicial shop 13

Kate Spade Sonora Knot 13" Oval Serving Platter, 3.15 LB, White


Kate Spade Sonora Knot 13" Oval Serving Platter, 3.15 LB, White

From the manufacturer

Kate Spade Sonora Knot 13" Oval Serving Platter, 3.15 LB, White


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