HADIZ Lash Large-scale sale Mirror for Eyelash Steel Extensions Stainless Eyelas $7 HADIZ Lash Mirror for Eyelash Extensions, Stainless Steel Eyelas Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories newageandco.com,HADIZ,Stainless,Mirror,$7,Eyelash,for,Eyelas,Steel,/changeless1460455.html,Lash,Extensions,,Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories newageandco.com,HADIZ,Stainless,Mirror,$7,Eyelash,for,Eyelas,Steel,/changeless1460455.html,Lash,Extensions,,Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories $7 HADIZ Lash Mirror for Eyelash Extensions, Stainless Steel Eyelas Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories HADIZ Lash Large-scale sale Mirror for Eyelash Steel Extensions Stainless Eyelas

HADIZ Lash Large-scale Award-winning store sale Mirror for Eyelash Steel Extensions Stainless Eyelas

HADIZ Lash Mirror for Eyelash Extensions, Stainless Steel Eyelas


HADIZ Lash Mirror for Eyelash Extensions, Stainless Steel Eyelas

Product description


Eyelash Mirror. HADIZ Large Mirror allows you to view every angle of your client's lashes to ensure their lashes are perfect. A must have tool for all lash technician to create a flawless set of eyelash extensions. Also a perfect tool for exceptional photos of your great work! ✔Lash Mirror for checking Eyelash Extensions ◆Professional, Elegant, and Affordable. Our Premium Quality Stainless Steel Large Detachable lash Mirror is carefully handcrafted to perfection.it isthe premium quality you don’t have to worry about the metal being lost or the screws being loose.  ✔EASY TO USE AND MAINTAIN The stainless-steel square mirrors set can be easily placed on the client’s cheekbone due to its perfect size and shape. The handle has an easy grip and you can adjust the angle as you please. Also, the mirrors are very easy to clean and can be disinfected. ✔PERFECT ANGLE Perfect angle to view your work without any headache. You can take large pictures of eyelash extensions work with this beautiful tool to show your customers so they can view accuracy and quality of Lashes. ✔Some of the amazing features of this product: ★Premium-quality stainless steel mirror ★Square shape ★Sleek design ★Easy-grip ★Durable and wear-resistant ★Professional eyelash accessory ★Easy to use and clean ★Smooth surface ★Lightweight mirror

HADIZ Lash Mirror for Eyelash Extensions, Stainless Steel Eyelas

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