Good Smile Mesa Mall Bakemonogatari: Tsubasa Nendoroid Hanekawa Action Fig $70 Good Smile Bakemonogatari: Tsubasa Hanekawa Nendoroid Action Fig Toys Games Collectible Toys Hanekawa,/changeless1089255.html,Bakemonogatari:,Action,,Nendoroid,Smile,$70,Fig,Tsubasa,Good,Toys Games , Collectible Toys $70 Good Smile Bakemonogatari: Tsubasa Hanekawa Nendoroid Action Fig Toys Games Collectible Toys Hanekawa,/changeless1089255.html,Bakemonogatari:,Action,,Nendoroid,Smile,$70,Fig,Tsubasa,Good,Toys Games , Collectible Toys Good Smile Mesa Mall Bakemonogatari: Tsubasa Nendoroid Hanekawa Action Fig

Good Smile Mesa Mall Bakemonogatari: Tsubasa Nendoroid Hanekawa overseas Action Fig

Good Smile Bakemonogatari: Tsubasa Hanekawa Nendoroid Action Fig


Good Smile Bakemonogatari: Tsubasa Hanekawa Nendoroid Action Fig

Product description

From Good Smile Company. The fifth Nendoroid to join the Bakemonogatari series Nyan! From the popular anime series Bakemonogatari comes a Nendoroid of the girl charmed by a cat, Tsubasa Hanekawa! She comes with three expressions including her standard smiling face, an upset face that's perfect for her role as class representative, as well as a cute embarrassed face. Attachable cat ears are also included, allowing you to pose her in her possessed form. Plus, a black cat and white cat are both included to display by her side!

Good Smile Bakemonogatari: Tsubasa Hanekawa Nendoroid Action Fig

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