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100% Silk Extra Fees free!! Long Necktie for Men Big Tall - Herringbone Limited time sale and

100% Silk Extra Long Necktie for Big and Tall Men - Herringbone


100% Silk Extra Long Necktie for Big and Tall Men - Herringbone

Product description

Stop worrying about your tie being too short. Admit it - you are tired of wearing ties that aren’t made for tall guys like you. You don't want to tie your tie 5 times just to end up tucking the tiny tail into your shirt so that it doesn't hang out. We feel your pain. That's why we designed our ties specifically for men with tall frames and large necks. Tie the knot you want and feel confident, knowing that your tie was made for a tall rockstar like you.


We make our ties in two lengths - 63" and 70". Traditional ties are 58" long. The additional 5 or 12 inches allow the wearer to tie a proper knot and still have enough tie left over to reach his belt buckle and still have a long enough tail in the back to tuck neatly behind the front of the tie. Most traditional length ties are only 58 inches long. Our 63 inch tie is best for men who are 6’0’’ to 6’5’’ tall. Men with large necks (size 18+) should also wear extra long ties. Our 70 inch tie is best for men who are 6’6’’ or taller. Men who are 6’4’’ or taller with large necks should also wear the 70 inch tie. Also, if you like to tie larger knots in your necktie, an extra long tie may be what you need.


Our ties are made from high-quality silk. Silk outperforms artificial fabrics, such as microfiber. It has a smoother feel, it forms better knots, and it lays more naturally than microfiber. We use a medium-weight interlining that gives the tie a medium weight and thickness.


These ties are a classic width of 3.75 inches. For comparison, extra wide ties are usually 4 inches wide. Skinny ties are about 2.5 inches wide. Extra skinny ties are 1.5 inches wide.


Now that you have found long neckties that fit, you can complete your look for a wedding, a job interview, a business meeting, or any other occasion.

100% Silk Extra Long Necktie for Big and Tall Men - Herringbone

November 23, 2021

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