$4 E-repair Screen Back Metal Plate with Heat Shield Dissipation Re Cell Phones Accessories Accessories newageandco.com,Metal,with,Back,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,E-repair,Re,Shield,$4,Screen,Plate,Dissipation,/autoalarm1460642.html,Heat E-repair Screen Back Metal Plate Dissipation Milwaukee Mall Heat with Shield Re $4 E-repair Screen Back Metal Plate with Heat Shield Dissipation Re Cell Phones Accessories Accessories newageandco.com,Metal,with,Back,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,E-repair,Re,Shield,$4,Screen,Plate,Dissipation,/autoalarm1460642.html,Heat E-repair Screen Back Metal Plate Dissipation Milwaukee Mall Heat with Shield Re

Our shop OFFers the best service E-repair Screen Back Metal Plate Dissipation Milwaukee Mall Heat with Shield Re

E-repair Screen Back Metal Plate with Heat Shield Dissipation Re


E-repair Screen Back Metal Plate with Heat Shield Dissipation Re

Product description

Package Including:
1x screen back metal plate.
1x Clean Wiper with "E-REPAIR" LOGO
Compatible with iPhone 8 (4.7'').

This is NOT an easy job for someone who has no technical skills with Disassembling or Assembling Cell Phones. So only purchase this item if you know how to install it.

E-repair Screen Back Metal Plate with Heat Shield Dissipation Re

November 23, 2021

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