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AUBBC Stainless Steel Corn Holders wit on Limited time cheap sale Cobb The Portland Mall

AUBBC Stainless Steel Corn Holders, Corn on The Cobb Holders wit


AUBBC Stainless Steel Corn Holders, Corn on The Cobb Holders wit


Product Description


Why Choose Our Stainless Steel Corn Holder?

  • Made of 18/8 stainless steel pin and oak handle, strong and sturdy to use. Protect hands from burning and getting messy
  • Not only for the corn, but also can be used to insert other foods such as fruits, snacks, appetizers, hot dog and so on
  • Large size design, convenient for holding corns tightly, not easy to slip
  • Wooden handle with ergonomic design, comfortable to grip
  • Lightweight and compact, convenient for you to carry to everywhere
  • Makes a perfect gift for your family and friends who love roasted corns
  • Suitable for barbecues, parties, camping, picnics etc, can meet your various needs
  • Set of 10 corn holders. Included 2 silicone basting brushes as free bonus

AUBBC Stainless Steel Corn Holders, Corn on The Cobb Holders wit

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