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AirTamer A310 Personal Rechargeable and 2021 autumn winter new Ne Portable Air Purifier Fashion

AirTamer A310 Personal Rechargeable and Portable Air Purifier Ne


AirTamer A310 Personal Rechargeable and Portable Air Purifier Ne

Product Description

The AirTamer A310 is a high performance rechargeable personal or travel air purifier. AirTamer's advanced, patented ionic technology emits a constant stream of healthy negative ions that force airborne pollutants away from your personal space giving off a 3-foot radius of cleaner and safer air in every direction. The A310 is a pollutant eliminator, through its emission of negative ions it thoroughly scrubs the air of particles often left behind by other types of purifiers. It is silent in operation and extremely energy efficient. A single charge from the USB cable included in your purchase provides over 150 hours of run time with power boost technology. With an ultra compact design the A310 is perfect as an on the go accessory. The AirTamer includes a metal travel case and adjustable lanyard making this personal purifier incredibly versatile. You can wear it around your neck or simply place it on your nightstand, either way you’ll be protected by the AirTamer A310.

AirTamer A310 High Performance Personal Rechargeable Air Purifier

The AirTamer A310 is the world’s most effective personal rechargeable air purifier. AirTamer’s Advanced Ionic Technology emits a constant stream of healthy negative ions that force airborne pollutants away from your personal space giving you a zone of cleaner, healthier air.

Create a Cleaner Zone of Healthier Air

AirTamer’s state-of-the-art electrostatic purification creates a 3 foot sphere of cleaner, healthier air around your head. It cleans the air of atomic sized pollutants that traditional air purifiers (e.g. HEPA) leave behind.

AirTamer’s Power Boost Technology provides 9 times more cleaning power than the competition. It is silent in operation and it’s extremely energy efficient technology provides 150+ hours of run time on one charge. Easily charged by included USB cable.

AirTamer’s design is ultra compact and incredibly versatile.

  • The green “on” indicator light gently blinks to indicate AirTamer is cleaning the air.
  • Power Boost Technology for 9 times more cleaning power.
  • Rechargeable - 150+ hours of run time on one charge.
  • USB charging cable is included with each unit.

Ideal for Poor Air Quality Locations and Convenient for Travel

  • Silent Operation - No noisy fans or motors.
  • Adjustable length, breakaway lanyard - For extra safety and convenience.
  • Ultra Compact - Attractive, discreet design is smaller than most car keys.
  • No Filters to Replace or Clean - Healthy negative ions do the filtering.

A proprietary conductive adjustable lanyard dramatically improves performance and increases run time. You can wear it around your neck (strap included) since it is smaller than most car keys or place it freely on your nightstand so the air around your pillow is clean and free of pollutants.

Breathe Cleaner, Healthier Air Everywhere You Go with the AirTamer A310

AirTamer emits over 2 million negative ions per cubic centimeter every second – this is the highest cleaning power of any personal air purifier in the world – by a factor of 9!

AirTamer includes a metal travel case to protect the air purifier when not in use. Maintenance is easy since there are no filters to replace.

AirTamer A310 is proven to filter more pollutants than any of its closest competitors. Lanyard, and travel case are included.

AirTamer A310 Personal Rechargeable and Portable Air Purifier Ne

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Biochemical Society Awards 2023

The Biochemical Society has opened nominations for its 2023 Awards, which recognize established researchers as well as scientists in the early stages of their career, across the

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Announcing our next President

The Society is pleased to announce that our next President will be Professor Dame Julia Goodfellow, who will take over from the current President, Professor

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