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It takes a man, time, patience, and grooming to have a healthy epic beard.

Now is the time for you to take the plunge, make the sacrifices, and beard up!

As you embark in your bearded journey to greatness…remember to get the right gear for your beard.

Beard oil, beard balm, and a good wooden comb is a great start to maintaining and taming your beard while giving it the care it is thirsty for. Oh and a pair of scissors or clippers to shape the beard to your desire. If don’t trust yourself to get it just right, we definitely recommend a good barber to help shape the beard to the way you want, properly.

Be patient while your beard is loading….

As we already mentioned it takes time for you to grow a beard so patience is key. But to make sure that the hair that is now slowing coming out of your face is healthy its very important to “feed” it.

How do you do that!? By daily care. A good regime starts with waking up after a dry night and washing your beard. After which towel dry it so its still slightly damp. Then we recommend to use beard balm to help shape the beard just to the way you (and others) like it. This way its ready for the day of defending against the elements. Now that its night time and your beard is still intact. Its a good idea to give it a quick rinse and “feed” your beard’s quench with some beard oil

So go ahead check out the different beard balms and oils with all natural organic 
ingredients and rest assure there is a bottle/jar made just for you. As ALL of
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Till next time fellow bearded friend!