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Stop scratching your head & itchy beard and let’s talk about hydration!

Good hydration = happy beard

When growing and maintain a beard one of the most important things to remember is knowing how to hydrate your beard to give it a healthy, well put together beard. Because we all know if the beard doesn’t look put together that may just mean the man isn’t put together.

So let the beard speak for you both!

When you moisturize your beard remember that your are not only strengthening the hair and its follicles but more importantly the skin beneath it! Not hydrating your skin can slow down the growth of the beard and its already take a lot of patience to let the hair to grow.

This all can be avoided by using specialized beard care products such as our oils and balms. Don’t get fooled into using so call moisturizers with chemicals and other ingredients that can damage the hair of the beard. So use organic, all-natural, specialized beard care products.


New Age & Co. Beard Oils & Balms.

Our products are made of premium organic ingredients which are handcrafted with quality that shows. Did we mention our exclusive signature fragrances. Oh and our in-house recipes made by our very own staff!

Smell and feel the difference.