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F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We do it as well, we find it better then using harsh gels, waxes, etc.

Your nose and smell receptors get use to the fragrance. Similarly when you use cologne.

We recommend trying a small amount before full usage. Only you (and your healthcare provider) knows your skin the best. If irritation occurs wash out with water and discontinue use (there is a very low likelihood as we use organic, natural ingredients).

From best of our knowledge we work with our vendors to bring high-quality ingredients with real, cold-pressed oils. We passionately make our products with care and quality.

Halal is an Arabic word for lawful or permitted. It is used by Muslims around the world. It helps them indicate what products usually food products to consume and which ones to stay away from. It is a high standard of cleanliness, anti-cruelty and consumption.

In the case of our personal care products they are derived from plant-based sources such as plants, nuts, and seeds. Our products are natural and alcohol-free which helps us determine that our products are halal to use. Below you will note the logo used on our products. For any inquires please email us using the contact form.


Its best not to wash your neckwear as other similar products, spot wash is key. Try not to use harsh detergents (never use bleach). Also air dry is better than tumble low heat dryer.

There are natural pieces of the main ingredient mixed with the oils. For example tea tree, orange peel, etc.

We have been certified with Peta that our products are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.



Check out their database for confirmation. Click HERE

Yes, please refer to the above question/answer.