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He who has overcome his fears will truly be free

Stop scratching your head & itchy beard and let’s talk about hydration! Good hydration = happy beard When growing and maintain a beard one of the most important things to remember is knowing how to hydrate your beard to give it a healthy, well put together beard. Because we all know if the beard doesn’t look put together that may just mean the man isn’t put together. So let the beard speak for you both!…

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Legendary Argan Oil

The legendary argan oil is a well known and very highly sought after premium oil from Morocco. The best part is we have been able to aquire this exclusive 100% pure premium oil and infused it in our top products including: Mr. Oud (beard oil and balm) and the limited edition, The Eclipse. Both of these products are made with 100% organic ingredients including argan oil and their exclusive fragrances. Grown organically in Morocco, the…

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Beard is loading…things to consider when growing a beard

It takes a man, time, patience, and grooming to have a healthy epic beard. Now is the time for you to take the plunge, make the sacrifices, and beard up! As you embark in your bearded journey to greatness…remember to get the right gear for your beard. Beard oil, beard balm, and a good wooden comb is a great start to maintaining and taming your beard while giving it the care it is thirsty for.…

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